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Soberly Speaking.


What is Soberly Speaking? Well, it’s a blog. The blog that came after the hangover. Not the movie. The thing. Not the regular hangover either. We know what comes after that. Alka seltzer, aspirin, some couch time, greasy food, or no food, a few phone calls maybe (to piece crap together),a long run, a hot shower, Bloody Mary perhaps, hair of the dog, Xanax anyone?

I’m never doing that again. Until next time. You know the drill. Or maybe you don’t. Really? Wow, what’s it like to be you? Do tell. Okay, okay. Enough about you. Now back to me.

Those regular hangovers, they come and go.

This blog is about what happens after the big one. The hangover that finally kicks your good time Charlie, life of the party, for a good time call, lamp shade wearing, party girl ass. The one that shakes you to the core. The one that breaks you down to a level of hopelessness that you’ve never experienced before and beg never to experience again. The one that changes everything. The one that brings you to your knees. The one that causes you to open the phone book to the dreaded letter A. That one. That’s the hangover I’m talking about.

What next? What happens after the big one.

Well, let’s say you survived. You sought and received help and came out on the other side. You participate in the daily maintenance of your own sobriety. Bravo. Halle-freakin-luja! Now what? Life, that’s what. And that’s what this blog is about. Life on the other side. My life mostly. My experiences,observations,travels, thoughts and perceptions after the big one. Well, because I’m the one writing here.

Soberly speaking.
It’s about laundry and love and lasagna and puppies. It’s about friends and family and sorrow and celebration. It’s about life, shopping, exercise and poetry. For me, these things take place in the context of sobriety. So yeah, it’s about that too.

For the record, I do not represent any particular program. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a counselor. It remains to be seen if I can figure out how to be a blogger. If by some chance I inspire somebody to chase sobriety for themselves…..I’m including a resource page.


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