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So last week I read Empty Nest to my writer’s group, Pinellas Writers. They liked it. Guess what else? Another group member, my friend Louise, also wrote and posted a piece called Empty Nest on her blog. A grand coincidence!


With Louise’s permission, I’m sharing her Empty Nest here on my blog.

Louise is a couple years ahead of me. Her perspective is……better. I remind myself though, it’s not a race. Still, someday,I hope to be where she is. Not geographically but philosophically. I hope to be at Louise’s level of peace and contentedness with the empty nest thing. No wait, I don’t hope. I plan. I plan and expect to be in the same place Louise is today. And, who knows, maybe Paris too.

Here is the post from Louise’s blog:

The eleventh day, Tuesday – Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Shari is over the Atlantic on her way home. Chris has been home with his cats since yesterday about this time. Laurie’s business is thriving so she has no time for Paris this year. Nor does Brett whose firm is swamped.

We are enjoying the empty nest years, enjoying them in Paris, at least for a while! Enjoying them from the sidewalk cafe in the early morning drizzle, and on our terrace at sunset.

A note to our offspring who are too old to be called children:

Thanks for turning out to be self reliant and responsible.

Thanks for raising us into adulthood and then turning us loose.

Thanks to each of you for either coming to Paris to see us, or wishing you could.

And here we are, wasting time together in Paris–it’s what I would wish for each of you. (Save your money, though, we’re spending all of ours.)

by Louise Moses

You can read more from Louise by going to Louise Moses. From there, click on the word blog. I recommend you start here, The First Day. This is her first post. The beginning, where Louise details exactly how she and her love manage to spend their wonder years leisurely traveling the globe.

When I grow up, I want to be brave and adventurous like Louise!


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