In Defense of Monday


Please don’t hate me because I love Monday.
There I said it. I love Monday.

Look , I realize it’s not a popular day. As a society, collectively, we all hate Monday. Right? No, not all of us. Not me. And I’m not alone. There are others. Individuals and subgroups that secretly, shamefully rejoice as Sunday evening comes to a close. Secretly, yes. Some us even go so far as to click like on the anti Monday cartoons that populate our news feeds as the dreadful day draws near. Why?, I don’t know. Guilt maybe. The desire to fit in. Plus, some of that crap is really funny.

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Quitting Booze and Breaking the News to the BFFs


I was two solid weeks into sobriety when I started breaking the news to my girlfriends. They were shocked. Well, some of them were. Okay, not shocked. Surprised maybe. Well, one of them was. Okay, so maybe she wasn’t surprised. She was disappointed. And a bit sad. At first.

For years I had been a reliable drinking buddy. I could be counted on. It was understood. There would always be booze. Friday night, Saturday night or Wednesday afternoon. Cocktails were part of the friendship. It was understood. We spoke the same language. Continue reading

Geographical Change


Geographical change. It’s a term that’s familiar to most people on the sober journey.

It refers to something most of us did back in our drinking days. Literally, it refers to a geographical move. Figuratively, the geographical change comes in many forms.

It’s a new town, a new house, a new job, a new lover, a new spouse, a new set of friends, a new haircut, a new car, a new exercise routine, a new wardrobe, a new favorite drink. It’s the phenomena of addressing every single possible problem, except the problem. We change, fix or get rid of all sorts of things before we finally quit the drink. Continue reading

Coupons, Acceptance and Letting Go

Acceptance is always the answer. Not an original discovery on my part but something I do know to be true. It’s not always easy though. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that something is not as you wish it to be.

Couponing, for example. The coupon queens, they make it look so easy. So, I decided to give it a go.

I did my research. You use manufacturer’s coupons combined with store coupons to purchase an item that’s on sale. This triple combo makes the item ridiculously cheap or maybe even free. You accumulate the coupons from the Sunday paper, store circulars and websites. Then you wait. Patience is key. Don’t waste your precious coupons on regularly priced items. Continue reading

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