Coupons, Acceptance and Letting Go

Acceptance is always the answer. Not an original discovery on my part but something I do know to be true. It’s not always easy though. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that something is not as you wish it to be.

Couponing, for example. The coupon queens, they make it look so easy. So, I decided to give it a go.

I did my research. You use manufacturer’s coupons combined with store coupons to purchase an item that’s on sale. This triple combo makes the item ridiculously cheap or maybe even free. You accumulate the coupons from the Sunday paper, store circulars and websites. Then you wait. Patience is key. Don’t waste your precious coupons on regularly priced items. Continue reading

The Sober Journey. Could it be a Mistake?

Maybe it’s all a big mistake.

What if I’ve made a mistake? Maybe I don’t have a real problem with booze. Maybe it’s a false alarm. Maybe I over-reacted.

Could happen, right? Well, no. Not really. People don’t generally accidentally mistake themselves for alcoholics. If you think you might be, then you…….Well, it’s not for me to say.

I can say this. I’ve never accidentally thought I might be anorexic. Well, because I’m not. I’ve never wondered if I might have a gambling problem. Well, because I don’t. I’ve never mistakenly sought help for porn addiction. You get the picture. Continue reading

Do a Blog

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

“You should do a blog” they said.
“I want to. Julia and Julia is one of my favorite movies. I’ve been thinking about it, ever since. I like the writing part. It’s the computer stuff that scares me” I said.
“The computer stuff is easy” they said. “All you gotta do is…”

I think that’s what they said.

So I decided to give it a go. I bought Blogging For Dummies and How To Blog Made Easy. I read them too, mostly. I even payed attention, mostly. And I used a yellow highlighter.

I spent time looking at other blogs. I read blogs about blogging. Well, I skimmed blogs about blogging. There’s so much technical stuff. I really just want to write. Continue reading

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