Quitting Booze and Breaking the News to the BFFs


I was two solid weeks into sobriety when I started breaking the news to my girlfriends. They were shocked. Well, some of them were. Okay, not shocked. Surprised maybe. Well, one of them was. Okay, so maybe she wasn’t surprised. She was disappointed. And a bit sad. At first.

For years I had been a reliable drinking buddy. I could be counted on. It was understood. There would always be booze. Friday night, Saturday night or Wednesday afternoon. Cocktails were part of the friendship. It was understood. We spoke the same language. Continue reading

The Sober Journey. Could it be a Mistake?

Maybe it’s all a big mistake.

What if I’ve made a mistake? Maybe I don’t have a real problem with booze. Maybe it’s a false alarm. Maybe I over-reacted.

Could happen, right? Well, no. Not really. People don’t generally accidentally mistake themselves for alcoholics. If you think you might be, then you…….Well, it’s not for me to say.

I can say this. I’ve never accidentally thought I might be anorexic. Well, because I’m not. I’ve never wondered if I might have a gambling problem. Well, because I don’t. I’ve never mistakenly sought help for porn addiction. You get the picture. Continue reading

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