The View, the Nurse, the Violinist and Girl Code


They weren’t trying to mock nurses. That was an accident. It’s the pageant┬ácontestants they were attacking. One of them just happened to be a nurse.

Watch the clip. The View Mocks….You’ll see. The┬ápageant contestant wrote her own monologue. The view lady recalls how she anticipated the performance. “This is gonna be amazing, like let’s listen” she says as she roles her eyes, clearly implying that a pageant contestant couldn’t possibly write an intelligible monologue. She goes on to say that the contestant “basically read her e mails out loud.” They watch the monologue and predictably proceed to belittle the contestant. Next, they laugh out loud at the violin performance of another contestant.

Personally, I’m not into the pageant scene. It’s not my thing. I have zero interest. Plus I’m short, I’m chubby and I can’t walk in stilettos.

I’m not a nurse either. I don’t have the discipline to study that hard. Plus I don’t like touching strangers.

I know mean when I see it though. The View ladies are mean. Their vicious attacks on women are nothing new. They were perfectly comfortable targeting the pageant contestants. The public might have been comfortable with it too. Except for one thing. One of the pageant contestants just happened to be a nurse. And nurses don’t put up with that shit.

Nurses understand girl code. They get it. Nurses know that together they stand and divided they fall. Elbow to elbow they survived the trenches of nursing school. Together they’ve risen up and demanded respect.

The view apologized. Great. Obviously, they still don’t get it. Does anybody?

What about the other contestant? The other finalist in the grueling Miss America Scholarship Competition. The violinist. Who stands up when she gets bullied by the mean girls? Shouldn’t everybody? Forget everybody. Shouldn’t women? All women.

Those women on The View pride themselves on being smart and liberated. Real smart, liberated women lift each other up. We don’t degrade and ridicule other women. Not even the one who happens not to be a nurse. Not even the violinist.

Bullying is not cool. Bitchy went out of style a long time ago. The View is over. Just like Mean Girls, it’s so fucking 2004.

Nice is the new black. Yes, you can sit with us.


10 comments on “The View, the Nurse, the Violinist and Girl Code
  1. I don’t watch daytime tv unless it’s a ball game, but the few times I’ve seen clips from the View, it’s always because they’;ve said something stupid! Hope they won’t be back anytime soon!

    • Yeah, stirring things up. It’s what they do. They try to be funny. Oops they hit a nurse nerve.
      Really , I don’t wish them ill will.
      Just trying my hand at writing on what’s ‘trending’.

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