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I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a writer. I didn’t always believe the writer part but my friend Susan told me so. She told me I’m a writer and she would know because she’s a writer. Apparently we can spot each other. It’s like gaydar,I guess.

I’ve been married for twenty something years. We met on bar stools at Wet Willie’s on River Street in Savannah, Georgia. Despite this, we got lucky. Neither of us turned out to be too terribly rotten. Plus, there’s the love thing. So we’re hanging in. He works hard. I’m the wind. We’ve got two……..well I guess they’re not kids anymore. He’s twenty and she’s seventeen. I don’t feel moved to gush on about how I love them. It’s understood, right? They’re my babies. I’d take a bullet for them. I’d take two. One for each.

My Mom died In 2007. Ever since, I’ve been helping my Dad (aka grandpa) navigate his final years without her. He’s ninety one as I write this. He’s got a bit of dementia. He lives with me, my husband, the two kids who aren’t kids anymore and our two cats.

As my dad gets older I find myself increasingly anchored to the house. It’s much like being home with a baby except he’s not cute and cuddly. The struggle is the same though. To spend my days performing simple, mundane, repetitive tasks while trying to maintain a sense of higher purpose. If I can make it look easy, I figure I’m doing it right.

I’ve been intentionally sober since March 2007. I speak the language of recovery with ease and fluency. For the purpose of this blog Ill make an effort to speak regular, improper English. Too much recovery talk creeps people out. I get that.

I’m new to the blogging scene. My intent here is to flex and grow my creative writing muscle. If you like the kinda stuff I write here, great. Follow, comment, like and share. Save me to your home page and visit often. Pretty please.

If you do not like what I write, that’s cool too. Just don’t be mean. Please & thank you.

Giving Thanks

You know that speech you carry around in your head? The one you’re saving for when you win the Pulitzer Prize or an Academy Award. Or maybe you’re a realist. Maybe you’re planning to give the speech in a cheesy banquet hall. You’ll stand aside your seat and accept the gold watch. Or maybe you’ll get a cheap engraved plaque. Then you’ll give the speech, the one where you thank people. That speech, you know the one. Don’t lie. We’ve all got one.

I’m doing mine here. Because I can. And because, let’s face it, I’m never gonna get a plaque.

Drue, thanks for lighting the way.
Margot, thanks for joining the ranks. It’s better with you.
Ray, Thanks. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men,
they got nothin on you.
Susan, thanks for inspiring me always.  (www.susanadger.com)
PINAWOR (Pinellas Authors and Writers Organization),thanks for the encouragement.
Steve, thanks for helping me with the blog thing. (steveschuler.com)
Jay. thanks for working hard, coming home and loving me.
To my drinking girlfriends, thanks for loving me even though I’m a
quitter. If you need me, call. I’ll be there. That’s a promise.


15 comments on “About Me
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    • Thanks Lindy! Planning to keep it up. I’m so grateful for the support and encouragement I’ve gotten from
      PINAWOR (& above I tried to add the link-

  2. J, I Iove your blog and, yes, you my friend are a writer! Beautiful. Thank you for being part of this incredible community of sober bloggers. We need more of us. The stories are powerful. XO

    • Also a friend of Bill W since 1991. I’m fairly new to reading blogs. (All it takes is time! Hard to come by!!!) you referred to a “community of sober bloggers”. I’m not sure how to find others. Help?

      • Hi
        I think I’ve come across most via twitter. There’s The Sober Seniorita, Sober is the New Rachel Black, Addiction.com features several bloggers and you can also just google ‘sober blogs’ or ‘sobriety blogs ‘ etc…
        Best to you

  3. Jeanne, it has been a long time since we have seen eachother, but you are one of the last people I ever though would have a need to become sober. More power to you! I love what you are writing and wish more people could be as real.
    Peace to you and yours always!

    • Thank you Tess. I apologize for slow reply. Caught up in life lately.
      I thought so too, for the longest time. It’s why I held out till 46ish. If I had known how great sobriety was going to be, I would have moved on over to this side a long time ago!
      Thanks for reading, enjoying and commenting.
      Peace back at ya!

  4. Hi there,

    While browsing through the Women for Sobriety website, I found the resources section to be both helpful and easy to navigate. As an editor for AlcoholAwareness.org, a drug and addiction information resource, I’ve seen the benefits to spreading awareness about alcohol abuse and I am glad your website connects readers to this information.

    The reason I’m contacting you today is to ask if you are still updating your website to see about adding AlcoholAwareness.org as a link. Who could I speak to about this?

    Thank you for your time.

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