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“You should do a blog” they said.
“I want to. Julia and Julia is one of my favorite movies. I’ve been thinking about it, ever since. I like the writing part. It’s the computer stuff that scares me” I said.
“The computer stuff is easy” they said. “All you gotta do is…”

I think that’s what they said.

So I decided to give it a go. I bought Blogging For Dummies and How To Blog Made Easy. I read them too, mostly. I even payed attention, mostly. And I used a yellow highlighter.

I spent time looking at other blogs. I read blogs about blogging. Well, I skimmed blogs about blogging. There’s so much technical stuff. I really just want to write.

I managed to learn a few things. The name is important. It’s good to have a name that might appeal to a wide audience. Soberly Speaking, for example, might attract sober people and even people who are just thinking about sobriety. That’s a lot of people.

As opposed to Jeanne’s Life as a title. That might not draw too many readers.

I decided I’ll solve the ‘but the posts aren’t always about sobriety’ problem by having a About this blog page. There, I will explain that I’ll be writing about all sorts of stuff. Walla!

Blogs come in all shapes and sizes. By looking at other blogs I came up with some ideas of what sorta blog I want.

Some blogs are very busy and complicated. Intimidating to people like me. Like Starbucks used to be. When it first came around and there was all that pressure to know how to order. I want my blog to be simple. Self explanatory. User friendly. Like a regular coffee place.

Some blogs are monetized. Meaning, the blogger earns money by blogging. They sell stuff or they endorse stuff. They have ads. Sometimes the ads pop up and get in the way of what you’re trying to read.

I don’t expect to monetize. I’ve never monetized anything. Not even a bank account. Of course, if the universe decides… Well, that’ll be another story. I just wanna write.

Now, despite months of half-assed research, I still don’t know how to ‘do a blog’. So I enlisted the help of a friend from PINAWOR. Steve knows how. He’s got a pretty cool blog of his own (

Steve’s been great. He set it all up for me. “Play around with it he said. Get familiar. Don’t be afraid.”

I think that’s what he said.

I did. I played with the design. I broke it. The whole blog. Error messages. Locked out. Blog gone crazy. I wasn’t surprised at all. It’s how computer things usually work out for me.

I was brave though. I called the host-papa helpline.

I got Jimmy on the line. Poor Jimmy. He explained that my problem is not related to host-papa really. It’s a wordpress issue.

I think that’s what he said.

Jimmy was trying to unload me. He was ready for the next caller. And the next. He was ready to get back to host-papa, customer service problem solving with record breaking speed and efficiency. I pleaded with him to stick around and help me.

Reluctantly, He explained the basics of error messages. How to read and interpret them. He suggested I copy the message and google it. He said there are forums where people discuss error messages and exchange ideas on how to fix the problem.

Oh God Jimmy. Please no. I can’t. I’m not that type a girl.

I told him I think I’m gonna need a drink. He grew solemn, concerned. Started speaking slowly, carefully. Like he was talking me off a ledge. Because of the whole Soberly Speaking thing, I guess. I told him to cool it, that I was just joking around about the drink.

Seriously though, I pleaded some more, would he please just help me. And he did. He problem solved, I talked, we laughed and I think he might have blushed a few times. In the end, he confessed that his name isn’t Jimmy. I figured that, but pretended to have been fooled. Jimmy was nice.

We adapt and survive. All of us. They say, for example, that blind people develop a heightened sense of hearing to make up for the lack of sight. Me, I use extra charm and ass kissing to make up for my computer skill deficiencies. Jimmy didn’t stand a chance.

It took over an hour but Jimmy fixed it. Well, he deleted it. So we could start over. He did for me what I should have been doing for myself. But I couldn’t. Because I’m not wired like that.

Steve set it all up, again.
Now I have a blog, again.
I’ll try not to break it, again.

I’ve read that the ideal blog post has a word count of about 500. This post is a bit over. There’s a learning curve. I’m at the bottom, still.


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