Geographical Change


Geographical change. It’s a term that’s familiar to most people on the sober journey.

It refers to something most of us did back in our drinking days. Literally, it refers to a geographical move. Figuratively, the geographical change comes in many forms.

It’s a new town, a new house, a new job, a new lover, a new spouse, a new set of friends, a new haircut, a new car, a new exercise routine, a new wardrobe, a new favorite drink. It’s the phenomena of addressing every single possible problem, except the problem. We change, fix or get rid of all sorts of things before we finally quit the drink.

Why? Different reasons for everybody I guess. We think we’re still having fun with booze. We think sobriety will be boring. Or maybe we fear we won’t be able to quit. Who the hell knows. It’s a thing though. The geographical change.

(Now, I’m not suggesting that everybody who happens to drink and happens to move has a problem with booze. Don’t be silly.)

So, I’ve been going to this group called Poets Live. Its a monthly thing where artsy people get together. My friend Susan accidentally invited me and now I just keep showing up. I like these people. They discuss poets and poetry. They recite their own poems too. When I first started going, I knew nothing of poetry. Except, that one thing about the man from Mantucket.

These poetry people are encouraging though and so I’ve written a few. I’ve recited them too. So far, they haven’t thrown any rocks at me. I think I’m doing ok as an amateur poet.

I wrote the poem below. It’s about a form of geographical change as I’ve witnessed it far too many times.

I hope you like it. If not….Go ahead. Throw rocks. It’s your computer.

Wherever You Go, You Go With You

Square footage, original wood
Granite, crown, stainless is good
Security system, sprinkler system
St Augustine, cut just right
Not too early, not too late,
Not too loud, do not disturb

Birthdays parties, t-ball games
Class trips, barbecues
PTA, oyster roasts
Football Sundays, camping trips
Credit cards, keeping up,
Catching up, falling behind

SUV chugs the gas
Keeps us safe
Screw your ass

Here’s to us
Sip the red, savor the amber
Feel the music, dance with me
I’m right here, where are you
Friends deceive, flesh fails

Shattered dreams, broken glass
Budget cuts, pink slips
Work the phones
Gulp for air, hang on tight
We’re almost there

Give it a go, one more try
Pretend it’s fine,but that’s a lie
Secret passwords,working late
Too much tension, tastes like hate
Walk away,slam the door

Free at last
Or so it seems
Free to be and chase your dreams
Careful though because it’s true
Wherever you go, you go with you


4 comments on “Geographical Change
  1. Finally got here, enriched cause i did…time to breathe & chuckle & reminders that the answer to my problems is always my next problem, so why NOT chuckle! Your mind is a treasure.

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