Hangin in with the Blogging thing


How’s the blog thing going?, you ask. Okay, so you didn’t ask. Well maybe you should have. It’s not all about you ya know. Let’s talk about me.

I’m having a little dry spell. Writer’s block.

Already? Yeah, I know. I’m only about a month in.
This is concerning.

I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out like other things I’ve started. And didn’t finish. Didn’t have the stamina, the know how, the energy or the give a frig. I’m hoping the blog thing doesn’t go that way.

Like kick boxing. I bought the new outfit and boxing gloves. I charmed the owner guy into giving me his absolute, lowest, super duper membership price ever. Or maybe he charmed me. I don’t know what happened. Kickboxing is hard. Too hard for me.

Or painting. I hope the blog thing doesn’t turn out like every room I’ve ever started to paint. One wall in and I get sloppy. My husband ends up finishing the job. My husband can’t finish the blog thing for me. He just can’t.

Oh and quilting. Forget about it. That’s something I never should have started in the first place. I’m not old enough for quilting yet.

Or the book. Crap.

No, it’s not going to happen like that. I’m sticking with this. I’m just having a little trouble figuring out what to write about. Finding my way. My place in the blogosphere. I guess.

The other bloggers make it look so easy.

That’s part of the problem. I’ve been following other blogs. Good ones. And I want my blog to be like theirs. I want to be…

Smart like Veronica Valli. veronicavalli.com
Wise and inspirational like Mike Lamele. bostonwellnesscoach.com
Pure, wholesome and funny like Whoa Susannah. whoasusannah.com
Cool like Allison. Alia15.tumbir.com
Easy and confident like Rachel Black. soberisthenewrachelblack.blogspot.com

The trouble is, I’m not these people. My blog can’t be like theirs. I’ve got to find my own way. Still, I want my writing to be all of the above. So I’m all over the road. Then I get stuck.

I could tell you all about how I finally got GP to take a shower today. Make it sound fun and comical. Make you wish you were me (Okay, not you. You’re too smart for that. Got to get up pretty early in the mornin… The other readers though. I could string them along). I could put the whole Lucille Ball spin on it. Hangin out with GP. Not working. Having all the fun. I could do that. I’m good at it. I don’t feel like it though. The shower debacle wasn’t funny at all. It kinda sucked. I don’t like to spin the sucky stuff. So, that’s out.

Controversy. I could try that I guess. One of my blogging books says controversy is good. Gets people commenting. Debating. Pissed off. They suggest the occasional shocking, opinionated, controversial post to keep things lively and build readership. I can’t. But I will. Here goes.

Those stupid e cigarettes are on my last fucking nerve!

Ha! There I did it. Who you callin Switzerland? I took a stand. Cursed and everything.

Oh wait. I know. I could tell you some good stuff.

I met Freddie Fred of Candido Designz. He’s an artist and he designed the picture you see up at the top of this post. I love it! Soon it will be up there permanently. At the top of the blog. It’s my logo!

Also, Veronica Vali of Recovery Rocks interviewed me. Her blog is the real deal. She’s got gazillions of subscribers. My readership has gone up since she featured my interview on her blog. Check it out. veronicavalli.com

To date I’ve had 2,997 views to my site. Or is it, on my site? I don’t know. Whatever. I’m not sure but I think that’s a lot of views.

Maybe I should chill and trust the process. Maybe it’s okay that I’m all over the road. Maybe, for me, that’ll be the best part. No rules. Just write. I like the sound of that.

Hang in there, okay? I’ll get better at this.



12 comments on “Hangin in with the Blogging thing
  1. Jeanne: I know you will get better. I have faith in you. You just need a muse. They’re looking for
    you, look for them. You’ll find them in the most
    unlikely place. John

    • Thank you Freddie Fred! Wish I could have shared the actual link to Candido Designz. I tried but I’m limited like that:(
      Oh & thanks so much for slimmin me down & giving me that nice round butt at no extra charge!!

  2. Jeannie, I love your logo. I really have enjoyed your blogs. And guess what your Hanging In blog helped me so much this am. Just what I needed to hear that I’m not alone in my struggles. You made me laugh and lighten up. Keep on blogging….

  3. First of all, I had every intention of commenting on this- even before I saw my name dropped in the post. (Thank you, btw)

    Don’t give up on the blogging thing. Don’t put it on the shelf with those quilting needles (yes, you’re too young to quilt).

    I really suck at blogging. I used to post at least 3x a week and now I’m doing great if I do that in a month. Life gets in the way. Things get boring. No one wants to read about my ingrown toenail, so I write nothing.

    But, like waves, I’ll get the urge to blog again. And I’ll be on a roll for a few months. And all is right in the world. And then I have nothing to say at all.

    Don’t put too much pressure on yourself about it, but don’t give it up. You have something to say. And you say it well.

    I enjoy reading you. I don’t always comment (because I’m on my phone and it sucks leaving comments from a phone), but I’m reading.

    Best of luck!

    • Thank you Susannah. Your encouragement means so much. I absolutely love your work.
      Relieved to know that phone commenting trips you up too!!! So, there’s hope for me even though I struggle with commenting, adding links, plug ins and what the heck to write about. There’s hope!

  4. Well, it probably is hard to do. I’d never even DREAM of trying it. But I love reading your stuff – it’s like you’re sitting right there talking to me. Keep it up!! We need to read it!!

  5. I enjoyed reading this entry as much as all of your previous entries. I wouldn’t pressure yourself to meet a quota … Just write when it hits you! We will be here when you’re ready!

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