It’s Only An Hour


I thought to stay home
but it’s only an hour
So I go for a dose
Of the magical power

I take a seat
Against the wall
Next to Bubba
With the southern drawl

All the regulars file in
There’s mike and Joe
Sara and Tim

Crazy Carl is at it again
Yelling at Bob
His very best friend

There goes Len
Across the floor
Three cups already
He’s getting one more

He slides his feet
He’s got a weird gait
The Thorazine shuffle
A term coined by Nate

I trade smiles
With my friend Gus
They’re all effing crazy
Except for us

Margaret and Sue
Are laughing out loud
They’re having such fun
Up high on their cloud

The gavel sounds
And so we begin
Kevin’s in charge
I get a kick outa him

It starts with the usual
So mundane
The readings, the guidelines
Not why I came

Then the big question
Is anyone new?
We look around
Tonight there are two

There’s a big guy
He’s a marine
His hands are shaking
He looks kinda mean

And a young hot mess
Says she’s not sure
If she belongs here
She sits by the door

We snap to attention
Its time to get real
We think we can help them
We know how they feel

Hands go up
Kevin must choose
He calls on Sam
With him we can’t lose

Sam’s an ex con
With muscles and tats
He’s had a rough life
Not ashamed of his stats

Searching for words
He digs deep in his heart
Inspiring the newbies
To embrace this fresh start

He recalls from his past
The pain and the gloom
Then speaks of the hope
that he found in this room

Next goes Len
What the hell
That guy’s nuts
Can’t Kevin tell

But there’s more to Len
than meets the eye
His soulful words
make the big guy cry

And so we speak
One after another
A barber, a cop
A mom and a brother

Despite many strengths
We’ve all been to hell
Yet thanks to each other
We’re here now to tell

Next thing I know
Up goes my hand
Compelled to reach out
I might even stand

Without any planning
The words just flow
Where do they come from
Ill never know

The hour passes
And so we’re through
We did the best
That we could do

The girl is hopeful as she leaves
The big guy’s shedding big tears of relief
Maybe they’ll make it, maybe not
We know in our hearts
We gave all we got

Once again
I trade smiles with Gus
We’re all effing crazy
Thank Howard for us


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15 comments on “It’s Only An Hour
  1. You decribed “every meeting” perfectly! Who knew a bunch of unperfect people (misfits) could come together and produce a symphony!
    Keep writing kid, you’ve got a lot to say…..and you say it so well!
    Love you long time,

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