St Patrick’s Day….Minus the Booze


I’m living proof. I’m hear to tell you. It’s possible. It’s really possible to celebrate St Patrick’s Day without the beer, whiskey or whatever alcoholic beverage calls out “Top O’ the Mornin to Ya.”

Now I’m not saying you should. I’m not saying anybody should. I’m not judging either. Gazillions of people happily partake in the traditional  booze centered St Patrick’s Day festivities. And that’s all cool. I get it. Really I do. I’ve warmed my insides with the Irish whiskey. I’ve enhanced the gift of gab with a traditional black n tan. I’ve drank the green beer. I’ve danced with the leprechauns. In college, one leprechaun I think I might even have……..Well, that’s another story.

Really. Really. I can’t stress this enough. Really. I don’t give a rat’s ass what’s in anybody else’s glass.

I’m just saying its possible. It’s possible to enjoy St Patrick’s Day without all that stuff. And it doesn’t suck. That’s all.

You guys probably know this already. I did not know.

Whenever St Paddy’s rolls around I can’t help but think back to March 17, 2007. I remember. I remember I was so sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired. And bloated. Yeah, I was so effing over the bloat. Six days later I decided the booze had to go. And so it did.

It wasn’t easy at first, but I hung on. I hung on and trusted that it would get easier. And it did. I hung on and trusted that it would get better. And it did.

Still, I was pretty sure I would never enjoy things like New Year’s Eve and St Patrick’s Day again. Not to mention Friday night, Saturday night, birthday parties, weddings, funerals,valentines, MLK and ground hog’s day. I was willing though. I was willing to give up the fun in exchange for relief from feeling so shitty.

I hung on. I hung on and trusted the process.

Soon enough, I wasn’t hanging on. I was free. I was just living. Just regular living. Minus the booze.

And to my surprise, I was enjoying all the Fridays, Saturdays and special occasions. Minus the booze. And I was enjoying every day in between. Minus the booze.

WTF! Why didn’t somebody tell me? Why didn’t somebody tell me sooner? I didn’t know it was possible. I didn’t know it would be so good.

And so that’s why I’m saying. It’s possible. It’s really possible. And it doesn’t suck. It’s better actually. It’s really better.

I’ll be there tonight. I’ll be at Flanagan’s St Paddy’s Day Street Festival.

Just like last year. I’ll sample the Shephard’s pie. And something sweet. Probably green. I’ll enjoy the music and the dancers. And my favorite, the ‘people watching’. I’ll have fun!

And, guess what? Turns out nobody gives a rat’s ass what’s in my glass either. So I’ll raise my club soda for an Irish toast.

May the saddest day of your future
be no worse
than the happiest day of your past.



15 comments on “St Patrick’s Day….Minus the Booze
  1. Although I know this is not your intent….you continue to challenge me to evaluate my standard formula for “happiness”! And that’s a good thing 🙂 p.s. I look forward to hearing more about that leprechaun at a later date! Haha!

  2. Oh Jeanne, it is truly the FREEDOM that comes with living sober that leads to all the good stuff you write about! Love how you put it all together. The only St. Patricks Day that has stuck with me thru the years was one spent with you. Unknown to me at the time, I still had another 10 plus yrs of self-destruction before stopping the booze- that day we hit the bars only to consume NON-Alcohol Beer just to prove to myself, my husband, the world(who didn’t give a rat’s ass) that I could control my drinking! You were a good sport–you drank em too! What a day of miserable obsessing with every swallow. Did we talk about anything except wanting real beer??? Did I end up cheating? Did you? All I remember is the miserable obsession with drinking that day, and every day until getting sober! Today we have real freedom to obsess about a bunch of other crap – not booze!! Keep writing. You are helping me, Jeanne and others

    • Thank you again Luke.
      I hate to remind you but yeah, I believe threw in the towel and got a little drunk that day. Irish brogue and everything kinda drunk. But hey, it was Savannah.
      Yes, sweet freedom!! If I knew how good it would be I would have jumped in a long time ago.

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